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Why is Windows 10 is a clear choice for web designers?

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Windows 10 for web design


After one or two developmental challenges and a wide ranging programme devoted to analysing user feedback across a massive range of use cases, Microsoft came forward with the Windows 10 operating system (OS) in July of 2015.

Since the official Release To Manufacturing (RTM) of Windows, we have seen a conscientious and dedicated effort among hardware and software vendors to produce a final user experience that is tuned towards ultimate productivity, compelling engagement and overall ease of use.

The final result is a combination of hardware, system software, web/cloud connectivity and applications that has never before been accessible to any industry.

Aesthetic satisfaction

A powerful laptopAccording to web designer Tom Wittlin who is creative director at Folk the combination of technologies now on offer shows that the product developers have put a lot of time into thinking about how the aesthetics of the product impact and affect the whole experience of the user when creating web content.

By taking a ‘sophisticated yet simplistic’ approach to the way screen real estate is used, an operating system can successfully do more with the set of compute resources that it has available to it at any one time.

With features such as multiple screen support built into the core fabric of Windows 10 we can see that the designers have thought about how modern-day workers actually use technology in the workplace. Specific features in the Edge browser such as WebGL web graphics library work to make rendering interactive 3D computer graphics and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser so much easier without the use of plug-ins.

Users will also benefit from Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Grid support in the new ‘Edge’ Microsoft browser. This is very arguably one of the central validations that Microsoft has the aesthetics of web design at the heart of much of how the firm is now finessing Windows 10.

The fact that web designers can now work to annotate a web page directly on screen is further evidence of Microsoft building Windows 10 down a clear path that follows contemporary design, usage and functionality principals at the core of the operating system’s kernel.

Reflecting the truth of this suggestion, web designer Daniel Jenkins notes that screen size, capacity for resolution and overall processing performance are able to cope with some of the most demanding jobs today. Neat features like screen snapping to make split screen workloads easier to execute have also been carefully engineered into Windows 10.

Further in this regard we will also see web designers consider the way Microsoft will help facilitate search inside Windows 10 using Cortana for speech. While it may be comparatively early days since Windows 10 arrived, we do know that Microsoft is constantly updating and augmenting the operating system, so as Internet Explorer finally winds up its life, we should see web designers feel a gearshift in functionality and interoperability across the Windows 10 spectrum.

Laptops and workstations

What is also interesting to consider given the power of contemporary devices is that web designers and other professionals working with graphic-intensive and processing-intensive applications is that laptops today will deliver enough power for the job in hand.

Microsoft has paved the way for web designers and all types of graphic design professionals to use its Windows 10 operating system to the full of its potential. Dell has reflected the architectural improvements made at the software layer by engineering its workstations and laptops to take advantage of the data processing and presentation layer level technologies on offer.

From the chipset right the way up to the user interface, web designers now have a more powerful set of tools through which they can brings their inspirations and innovations to reality.

For more information on how to equip your creative workforce, head over to Dell’s CAD, graphics and design page here.


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