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Whitepaper: Take a hands-off approach to private cloud management

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Too many tasks, too little time — a challenge IT pros face every day. Wrapped up in performing multiple, inefficient manual management functions, IT teams have a hard time getting out of the daily trenches to work on more strategic business initiatives.

Datamation studied how, by automating laborious routine management tasks, private cloud can help organizations create a more cost-effective, service-centric IT model that gives IT teams back time that could be better spent on business-critical projects. “Moving to cloud can improve service delivery, responsiveness, and drive down costs,” affirms the report.

Helping IT move from reactive to proactive mode

“IT today needs to transform to a more service-oriented approach,” according to Datamation. The automation enabled by private cloud helps IT teams do just that. Freed from a time-intensive, technology-centric approach, IT can shift to a more quantifiable, service-oriented focus as a contributor to and enabler of the business.

Automated private cloud infrastructure can help IT teams get ahead by streamlining time-draining tasks that traditionally have taken weeks or months of effort, sometimes by multiple teams:

  • Automating service requests and approval chains
  • Providing user self-service options
  • Simplifying application provisioning
  • Performing comprehensive QA testing
  • Setting up measures for snapshots, backup and recovery, or business continuity

Helping users help themselves

Another way private cloud can free up time for IT teams is by letting users serve themselves using a self-service portal. Datamation claims that, “Self-service accelerates the delivery of IT services and cuts the cost of that delivery.” A private cloud can take automated self-service to the next level, not only empowering users, but also reducing IT involvement and infrastructure needs.

A profile-based private cloud management solution automates tasks with a self-service approach that saves resources:

  • Ensure that users get the service levels they need to perform their jobs
  • Allowing authorized users to request and provision their own IT services online
  • Eliminating infrastructure excess by allowing IT to provision and reclaim project-based resources

Put your business-class cloud on auto-pilot

If you’re ready to get control over your resources, automate tedious management tasks and provide your users with self-serve capabilities, Dell has two advanced management tools for the job. Dell Cloud Manager is a suite of tools for managing cloud infrastructure, including the provisioning, management and automation of applications across the primary private and public cloud platforms. Dell Active System Manager works in conjunction with Cloud Manager to support diverse infrastructure and automate workloads.

An experienced cloud technology provider, Dell can help you build out your cloud infrastructure, too. The company offers a comprehensive range of servers in innovative form factors at a variety of price points and performance levels — as well as software-defined networking options, faster networks designed for server-to-server communications, and direct-attached and consolidated storage options.

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