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Network security solutions for your business

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The IT network has rocketed to the fore of business priorities in a modern age driven by faster access to working, as and when the workforce wants it.

More data than ever is now stored in the cloud, access to which has become fragmented across any number of electronic devices that can be used globally. The chance of losing data has never been greater, and taking care of the keys to these vaults of information is essential.

Consider the following points if you want to boost the security of your network:

Be aware of the structures around you

Knowing your company inside out is critical. This means more than casual familiarity with your systems and staff; you need a strong working knowledge of your firm’s entire security profile. Liaise regularly with your IT team and managers in charge of key processes to learn as much as possible about operations and potential vulnerabilities.

Beyond building firewalls, consider graded security at each layer of the network. Ensure all user access requirements are thoroughly checked and updated.

Personalise your approach

Your aim is to build security around the shape of your business, applying bespoke measures to each facet. Having a unique threat management system will always present a tougher challenge to prospective hackers than an off-the-peg solution.

As such, standard systems are best avoided. Customised options and procedures will always keep your data safer.

Don’t let the cloud rain

A main overall objective will be to prevent information from leaking out of personalised devices, particularly applicable for cloud-based networks or through email threats.

IT providers play a crucial role in this capacity, ensuring that your firm’s private information is kept safe and secure, which in many instances may extend to supervising your print output.

Employee-to-client confidentiality is the analogue equivalent of the drive to protect data. Systems and protocols need to be implemented to respect privacy as paramount.

Limit data access

Data of all types will be far safer if fewer hands have access to it. With more limited access, data leaks will be far easier to monitor, trace and resolve.

Going deeper, how data is shared can be shored up through threat management systems, and a strong IT provider will be able to implement storage and access stages that are customised to your business.

If you are insisting on absolute privacy for your data, then implement individual access. However, if you need information to be shared or collaborated upon, then access privileges can be adjusted in a way that best suits you.

Your main concern is that your data is seen by the right people in the right way. If confidential or sensitive data is not handled with extreme and sustained care, then leaks can begin which will subvert the productivity and reputation of your business.




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