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What Are the Most Important Considerations for Buying a Server?

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Server computers are essential to any network. Servers are the network computer that contain the hard drives, printers, and other resources that are shared with other network computer including file storage, databases, e-mail and web services.

There are several types of servers, such as ones in central locations for storing information shared by many other computers, there are also email servers and servers designed for printers too.  Whichever kind of server you wish to purchase, there are many considerations for picking a server for your network.


The power of your server may also be important. The amount of power must be assessed and also the capacity of each power supply. In addition, if you feel that it could be a potential issue for you in the future, then perhaps check to see if there is a possibility of upgrading or adding additional power supplies to the server in the future.


You may also want to consider the computer processor when looking at purchasing a server as it is known to be the brains of the computer.

It is important to look at what processor is included, and also how many processors the server can support. Most computers processers have 64-bit model, meaning that it can process 64 bits (8 bytes) of information at one time. So, of you come across a 32-bit model, it is advised that you don’t choose this option.

Hard Drive:

The hard drive is another important factor to consider when purchasing a server. If you are using your server for large data transfers and high-use programs, then you may require a large and fast internal Parallel or Serial ATA hard drive. Also, if you require more storage, or want to back up your internal drives then you also have the option of getting an external hard drive.

Service and support:

Although this is not something people think about, having the right support and service is another consideration to look at when looking at purchasing a server. Considerations for service include if there will be a technician onsite if you there needs to be any repairs of replacements. If the service is onsite, what is the time frame for any repairs to be completes. It is advisable that you have on site repair person on site, otherwise you may be without you server for days.

And then if the service if not onsite, what is it? Are you able to go to a local service centre and exchange parts? And what is the availability?

Support is also important to consider for your server. If an issue arises, you will want to know if you can get the support you need. Questions ask your potential server provider include, the opening hours of support. This includes whether there will be any support available on holidays. Do they have various options for support?

To conclude, there are many things to consider when choosing a server. Make sure you spend some time on deciding which one is best for your needs.




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