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BYOD becomes WYOD – the impact of wearables in the workplace

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The BYOD ‘problem’ was kicked off by smartphones and laptops entering the workplace. As people realised that their personal devices were more capable and more comfortable to use than those supplied by their organisation, IT departments had to race to catch up with the security and management issues caused by the influx of a vast range of devices with varying capabilities.

Now the lessons learned are having to be reconsidered with the rise in the use of wearable technology – so it’s not just Bring Your Own Device anymore, but Wear Your Own Device. The Apple Watch is just the most high-profile player in the game, but there are many other wrist-born products and plans for increasingly advanced devices that allow us to interact with technology in ever more intuitive ways, breaking down the barriers between people and the technology they use both for work and in their personal lives.

Stuart Dommett, business content marketing practice lead at Intel, says there’s a certain amount of fear and trepidation among IT departments about how to handle these devices and that in certain situations many don’t want to be putting secure or confidential data onto WYOD items which will be worn, quite literally, everywhere.

But actually, looking at the potential benefits to be had from employees bringing smart phones or smart watches into work, there are significant productivity gains – people can work faster and more effectively with the devices that they want to use, rather than just with the devices they have to use.

However, it does require the enterprise to think differently about how they manage and how they secure wearable devices, which are evolving at an extremely rapid rate. There are lots of learnings to be had and actually those learnings can be an opportunity for how to improve the security and privacy of all data and the management of all devices.


Alan McMahon

Alan McMahon

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