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Building the next-generation data center

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Data CentreWhat’s wrong with enterprise IT today?

Most IT leaders have a ready answer: infrastructure that’s too expensive, inflexible, and difficult to manage. To solve these problems, Dell designed a platform that offers more choice, reduces complexity, and excels at scalability.

IT departments need a change. As researchers at IDC note, “The 3rd Platform — consisting of mobility, cloud, big data/analytics, and social business — has brought a fundamental disruption that challenges all our assumptions about the use and provisioning of technology. The pace of technology introduction and the volume and complexity of data are increasing exponentially… Business and IT are challenged to ‘build the plane while it’s flying.’”

This rapid change — especially the growth of mobile devices and cloud computing – has altered expectations. Business leaders now expect IT to provide new IT resources on a moment’s notice and to scale immediately as demand grows.




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