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5 cost effective ways to modernize your data centre

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Companies that want to stay ahead in the digital age need a modern IT infrastructure. The volume of data collected, and the number of devices connected to the network, continues to grow exponentially. Your business needs to undergo significant transformation to keep pace.

Some organisations might choose to go fully to the public cloud, while others might build an internal private cloud by bringing together existing resources. Yet between these two extremes lies converged infrastructure, a cost effective coping strategy for digital transformation that provides your business with the flexibility it demands.

A modern data centre supported by converged infrastructure can improve cost efficiency and boost business performance. Here, we present five cost effective ways for your business to modernise its data centre.

1. Make the most of your existing assets

5 cost effective ways to modernize your data centre-Body Text ImageIT managers with internal data centres often face low asset utilisation. A converged infrastructure provides a means to overcome this barrier, allowing technology teams to improve server utilisation and reduce unnecessary capital expenditure on servers.

Utilisation of servers is not the only concern. Organisations using a converged infrastructure approach are also better placed to reduce their investment in storage and networking assets, including through virtualisation. Researcher Forrester suggests companies that invest in convergence save on their overall server, storage, and software spend by the third year.

2. Pool your resources and cut administration

A converged infrastructure gives your business the ability to provision resources quickly in response to new business demands. An integrated and converged infrastructure also promotes self-provisioning, reducing the costs associated with managing infrastructure, web servers, middleware software, and systems.

Forrester research suggests organisations using a converged approach are able to save 20 per cent in infrastructure costs related to servers, storage, networking and on-going maintenance that would have been required in the equivalent do-it-yourself private cloud solution.

3. Move from silos towards increased operational efficiency

Too many data centres are highly complex. Managed in silos, business users are often unaware of internal IT capability. These users then overlook internal IT resources for external, cloud-based approaches. A converged infrastructure turns this focus around, allowing IT teams to pool resources and better meet business needs.

Organisations can start automating IT processes through easy-to-use web consoles. Such automation reduces administration and allows IT teams to respond efficiently to business requests. Forrester reports firms can increase their IT operating efficiencies by 30 per cent across a three-year period using Dell EMC VCE convergence.

4. Take a tight grip on security and compliance

The cyber security challenge continues to change scope and shape. IT managers must respond effectively. Infrastructure convergence allows your business to confront the compliance challenge and to boost the reliability of internal IT services. Your business can then rely on secure, internal resources.

Forrester says applications where performance is critical, or data needs to be extremely secure, can be hosted in the private cloud behind the firewall, while still providing the benefits and usage model of a public cloud. Forrester suggests VCE customers reduced their data security and compliance costs by up to 20 per cent over.

5. Improve IT performance and increase business productivity

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a converged infrastructure is the overall boost in the value of IT to the business. As we have seen above, your business can use a converged infrastructure to take a tighter grip over its internal technology resources and to provide scalable solutions to new business challenges.

Forrester says IT and business leaders must focus on how digital transformation will continue to play out in the future. Forrester suggests VCE users increased their business productivity by as much as 10 per cent over three years. Move to a converged infrastructure and your business could create similar benefits.

Dell EMC are delivering faster outcomes through simpler IT.



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