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How a services-led approach empowers your business

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As a business decision maker, you might feel concerned that your organisation feels uncertain about how to cope with the fast pace of change. The honest – perhaps, unspoken – trust is that many executives feel the same.

Gartner research suggests 42 per cent of CIOs believe their current IT organisation lacks the skills necessary to respond to a complex digital business landscape. Worse still, Gartner asserts that a lack of digital business competence will cause 25 per cent of businesses to lose competitiveness by 2017.

A services-led approach can help your business to plan for the future with more certainty. So what are the key pain points and how can services help? Here we explain more.

Pain point 1 – There is too much choice and complexity

Call on data-centre solutionsModern executives are confronted by a huge choice of systems and services, and of platforms and providers. Industry experts talk of the need for an effective ecosystem. This integrated network allows businesses to support change across bespoke applications, legacy platforms and innovative technologies. Moving to that point, however, is no easy task.

Rather than a simple ecosystem, business leaders often face a complex IT infrastructure that can restrict the opportunities for development and growth. In these situations, executives need guidance. A services-led approach can help you to evaluate current infrastructure use and future requirements to plan for change. The result is the right technology in the right place at the right time.

Pain point 2 – Time and cost are key challenges

Evidence suggests many organisations spend four times as much on maintenance as they do on innovation. Senior executives also get pulled away from business change. Too many CIOs, for example, still split their time between 80 per cent operations and 20 per cent innovation, when they should be spending much more time on external-facing concerns.

Effective optimisation will prove crucial, so your business can spend the right time on the right processes. Finding a partner who has expert knowledge and independent insight across your business IT is critical. From data centre transformation to unified communications modernisation, your services partner should help you assess your IT infrastructure and create a platform to take advantage of digital disruption.

Pain point 3 – We haven’t done this before

IT-enabled change can seem frightening, even for the most seasoned of business executives. Disruptive innovation means your stable IT infrastructure might not be fit for the agile business demands of the future. Your business might have used the same production systems for many years. Embracing change through a new end-to-end lifecycle management process will seem a big step.

Your trusted external services provider can be a key support. You might be under the mistaken belief that your services partner is just there to help keep your operations up-and-running. A great services provider is a partner in the truest sense of the word. More than just ensuring top-level maintenance, your services partner should provide a business brain to help your organisation grow.

Pain point 4 – We don’t have the staffing

Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of CIOs report that IT and digital skills shortages are holding their businesses back, according to Harvey Nash and KPMG. Transformation involves change in so many areas – from cloud, to big data and onto mobility – that juggling all the key areas with limited human resources can be a tough call. Business leaders often need additional help to manage change and identify the greatest need or priority.

Experienced consultants at an external services firm can allow your businesss to transform. From the migration of applications to the roll out of critical IT infrastructure, your business needs a partner that can boost staffing when the demand arises. Consultation with trusted experts can help your firm from losing its competitive edge.

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Mark Samuels

Mark Samuels

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