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Is your organisation future-ready?

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Enterprise solutionsWhat does the future-ready enterprise really mean?

We are currently living through a technological revolution. Each day brings greater change to the enterprising world as the tech around us continues to evolve exponentially. With this in mind, there are two routes you can take with your business – you can grow with technology and find your place as a power player, or you can resist change and watch as your business fades into obscurity.

It’s vital to prepare for however the future may unfold. You need to become future-proof to become future-ready. You can’t always predict where you are going, but you can use technology to put you in a flexible position to deal with any incoming changes.

It doesn’t have to be complicated; there are, for example, a few easy steps you can take to prepare your enterprise for opportunities that will arise as technology expands and grows further.

  1. Give your IT team the priority they need. For years IT support has been typically relegated to closet offices and not properly utilised beyond troubleshooting. The world of technology has exploded now, and with this comes the need for a dedicated IT support team. You need to prioritise their proposals and their needs, as they are the experts in this field. Adjusting budgets is a good way to start, as they need to be in a position to deploy the most cutting edge systems and solutions to keep your enterprise flowing seamlessly. Whether you’re looking at cloud storage, mobility or security – it all happens at the hands of this one team, so they need to be supported in order to support you.
  2. Don’t settle once you have found your ideal infrastructure. One of the easiest pitfalls to stumble into is settling when you find a solution that works for you. However, with the rate of growth in the tech sector, things can become out-dated and even obsolete overnight. You need to be open to change. To tie in with the first point, listening to your IT support team is an easy method to staying on top of new developments in tech. If you are closed off to flexibility, your whole organisation will suffer when the enterprises around you have moved onto a faster, more efficient system while you cling to an older infrastructure.
  3. Be holistic about your IT approach. You can’t keep IT as a separate branch from the rest of your enterprise. You need to understand that it is one of the most important mechanisms of an organisation singularly, but that it also co-operatively plays a huge part in the whole machine. To create a seamless business infrastructure, you need to recognise how much IT affects every other department. Think of your business as a human body; IT is the blood – it’s vital to keep everything going and there isn’t a single part that it doesn’t reach. Understanding this will help create a company culture where keeping technological developments at the forefront of your IT support plans is easier.

These steps are a solid foundation to build a future-ready enterprise on. A company is only as relevant as its IT, so you need to be prepared if you are looking to thrive. At Dell we believe that the technology you deploy should encourage more change and in turn, opportunities for success. After all, the integration of ground-breaking technology will make for a ground-breaking enterprise.

There is no room for isolated IT in the new wave of single ecosystem businesses that stitch IT infrastructure into the very fabric of the organisation’s being; it leads the way towards enhanced productivity and efficiency,  employee and customer satisfaction and revenue.

Today is the perfect day to begin future-proofing your business.

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Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

With over 25 years’ of international and commercial experience that spans across a range of industries including media, communications, education, systems consulting and information technology, Tim Griffin brings a broad spectrum of expertise to his role as Vice President and Managing Director for Dell in the UK. In this role, Tim is responsible for leading a business of over 2,000 team members at 11 sites across the country, and driving growth across all of Dell’s end-to-end products and services - offering technology solutions for every person at every age and in every profession, from the four-year old starting school to the CIO of a large corporation. With a focus on fostering economic growth in the UK, Tim is very involved in the entrepreneurial and business communities in the UK, and is regularly called upon by press to comment on industry trends and the needs of customers in the UK. Tim has held several roles within Dell since joining the company in 2003 including Vice President of Global Displays & Client Peripherals, Vice President of Services & Solutions for Consumer, Small and Medium Businesses during which time he also led the team responsible for the successful integration of the acquisition of Kace and Boomi, and Managing Director of Services for Asia Pacific & Japan. Prior to joining Dell, Tim was with NCR and held senior leadership positions in sales and marketing, and business development in APJ. He also spent six years at the BBC where he led Commercial Operations for their Services & Technology Division, BBC Resources. An MBA alumnus from the University of Wales College, Cardiff and a Non-Executive Director of the Welsh Rugby Union, Tim is also a big supporter of encouraging diversity within organisations to build stronger teams, and is executive sponsor for True Ability, Dell’s employee resource group that offers education around disability matters, drives awareness, and serves as a resource for our team members impacted by disabilities or special needs.

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