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5 ways to transform your IT staff into innovators

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A services-led approach can help your business plan for the future with more certainty. In an age of constant change, that level of assurance is a great value-add – yet consultation with trusted experts can also boost staff productivity.

In an earlier article for Tech Page One, we detailed how a services-led approach can empower your business. In this article, we demonstrate how an engagement with the right consultancy partner can help your IT staff become change agents.

A services led-approach means your IT staff have more opportunity to focus on the strategic projects that can help drive innovation and which can give your organisation a competitive edge in the long term. Below, we outline five key ways to transform your staff into innovators.

1. Cut the tie to day-to-day operational tasks

5 ways to transform your IT staff into innovators-Body Text ImageIDC spent five years surveying how much time is spent on different IT tasks, and the answer is always the same: 80 per cent on routine day-to-day tasks, and only 20% on innovation. The researcher says an 80:20 time allocation impedes innovation that can lead to competitive advantage in a digital age.

IT decision makers must help their IT departments make a switch. By taking a services-led approach, CIOs can help their staff focus on tasks that really add value to the business. A good consultancy service will remove some of the strain and help your IT team move beyond operational concerns.

2. Switch from monitoring systems to engaging with people 

If your IT team spends too much time in the data centre, they will not be able to understand the real requirements of business users. Successful CIOs recognise that the delivery of valuable systems comes from business engagement.

An expert consultancy can deal with system monitoring and find ways to help your business automate and orchestrate its IT resources. With operations running more efficiently through a services-led approach, your technology team can focus on getting out of the data centre and into real business relationships.


Your IT is using more systems and services than ever before. A IT leader who fails to provide the solutions that users need risks being circumnavigated, as line-of-business units use the cloud to purchase their own tools.

A services-led approach can help you get a grip on the large ecosystem of system and partners that any organisation will call upon in the modern era. From virtualisation to collaboration, a trusted external partner will give you enough time and capability to embrace new technology with confidence.

4. Move from troubleshooting problems to building experiences

New devices and services will continue to bombard the business. Think of the raft of mobility and collaboration tools that are already available, and the potential for further change due to the Internet of Things.

Your trusted partner can help your IT team to modernise – and potentially migrate – your systems as new technologies arise. With a services-led approach, your IT team can start to evaluate how apps and big data can be used to build more engaging customer experiences internally and externally.

5. Find new roles to embrace the future with confidence

The services-led approach can come as shock to IT professionals. Workers who have spent the majority of their careers tinkering with technology can find the move towards engagement and innovation represents a huge cultural shift.

As your business works to define this new model of working, you might need to find new roles for existing staff within the IT department. A services-led approach will help you to define these roles and ensure day-to-day operations are covered while new, creative solutions are embraced.

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