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Use Network Monitoring to your Advantage

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Business has expanded far beyond the four walls of the office to the four corners of the globe, borne on the winds of technology and the behaviours they have inspired.

The decisions that matter can come from any geographical region, and this has blown open the limits on traditional business networks. In such a climate, network management has become a priority, while the mechanics that keep those networks properly functioning – kit such as routers, switches and remotely based computers – have become a constant concern.

The ability to manage a network efficiently is no easy task, but with the correct team and resources in place, business stand to make significant gains to retain a competitive edge. Below we consider four of these advantages.

Complete visibility and support

Devices in all locations, irrespective of national borderlines, can be aligned through network monitoring. Should malfunctions occur, alert systems can guide IT administrators to the source and subsequent solution of the problem, minimising any risk of downtime. Location-specific maps can also be set up to keep track of device statuses across one or multiple regions within the network.

As such, small organisations with centralised management can easily govern across the wider network, with crucial savings being made as needs to physically travel from place to place can be virtually eliminated; productivity is maximised and managers can get much-needed peace of mind.

Available on most Dell EMC servers, SupportAssist is one market-leading tool that includes remote monitoring, automated collection of system state information and automatic case creation, and contact direct from Dell EMC technical support.

Efficiency through independence

Remote access allows IT administrators in other offices, cities or countries to monitor networks in real-time, whether or not a central server exists in a main office or HQ.

As such, network specialists can access all the necessary analytics and have the independence to take care of problems as they crop up, and before repercussions are felt further down the line. This ability greatly streamlines the problem-solving equation.

Market-leading, tools such as Dell EMC’s Smarts Network Protocol Manager, are enabling firms to boost network resiliency, by isolating and resolving routing protocol issues caused by software problems and misconfigurations.

Calibrated access to optimise security

Network security threats still haunt administrators’ concepts of remote access, but these worries have become a thing of the past with cutting edge encryption and authentication procedures.

Customising access levels adds a further layer of security to remote networking, helping to ensure that the right users and administrators can get hold of the right information quickly and in a way that keeps connections safe.

Stay on top, 24/7

The lasting beauty of remote monitoring exists in its constant accessibility. Leveraging the ability to observe, analyse and work with critical applications across a network, at any time or place, is a game changer that businesses cannot afford to overlook.

When dispersed throughout crucial teams and staff members, this access makes your business more agile against potential threats and adaptable to growth opportunities.

Meet the demands of the modern workplace

Network monitoring is the conditioning businesses need to retain a cutting edge in modern enterprise, but it also allows more to be done with fewer physical resources, reducing budget strains and bringing much-needed peace of mind to managers and executives alike.




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