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Technology: Driving change for tomorrow

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Consider how technology has driven change in recent years. Its impact is about to become much greater: technology is set to create change to a degree which is extraordinary.

Technology driving change for tomorrow in the way we work. There was a time when working at the office meant sitting by a desk. But technology has changed that, and has created the possibility of remote working – working from home, for example.   The combination of mobile computing, email and, more recently, the Cloud has created the possibility to work anywhere.  It is not that people necessarily opt to stay away from an office all the time, but it is now much easier to vary working arrangements – all you need is your computer, internet access and your password.  But internet access is set to get faster – much faster with 5G bringing with it the possibility of far more wide reaching applications such as video conferencing using augmented reality devices – talking to holographic images of someone who may be many miles away. Autonomous cars introduce the possibility of working while we are in the car, while voice recognitions tools, creates the possibility of dictating emails, messages, and documents.

Technology driving change for tomorrow in the way we socialise. In hardly any time at all, social media has become an important part of our lives. But technologies such as augmented and virtual reality will change this – we may communicate with people with live video images beamed in front of us, forming a hologram. Or we may interact with people in virtual space, represented by avatars.

Technology driving change for tomorrow in the way we play. Virtual reality is also set to transform video games and movies, and we will see a blurring of the line between video and games.

Technology driving change for tomorrow: Our health. Wearable technology, and beyond that technology that may sit inside our blood stream, will create a wealth of data on our health, our heart rates, blood sugar levels, detecting signs of asthma, and taking our temperatures. Beyond that, other technologies will be able to carry out comprehensive health readings from a drop of blood. The data produced will combine with data from the sequencing of our genome and will be analysed by AI, to diagnose diseases and warn of the threat of disease with a degree of accuracy that has no precedent.

Technology driving change for tomorrow in the war against disease. Technologies such as CRISPR, which combine DNA editing with a gene drive, will be applied to mosquitoes making them immune to malaria, and thanks to the gene drive, this breed will supplant other mosquitoes, all but wiping out malaria.

Technology driving change for tomorrow in the way we interact across the world. Social media will evolve to such an extent that engaging with people across the world will become more common, this may in turn lead to the acceptance of the concept of the global citizen, which may replace national identities.

Technology driving change for tomorrow, enhancing us. Prosthetics, exoskeletons, and beyond that technologies such as neural lace that interact with the neurons in our brain, will at first be used to support disabled people or cure neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, but in time it will become common for us to boost our natural strength, speed, and then even our brain power via artificial aids and then artificial intelligence.




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