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Tech Trends for 2017

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Digital transformation is shaping the evolution of modern business. With careful planning, companies that embrace tech stand to accelerate every facet of the organisation.

In recent times technology has altered the jobs we do and the people we are outside of work. Within the office, leadership has evolved and silo culture has fallen away in the wake of digitalisation. The coming year is continuing on a similar trajectory, bringing change across the board.

Below are five areas in digital that look set to influence business strategy in 2017.

UX will remain paramount

Digital transformation opens fantastic conduits to optimised user experience, and possibilities and will continue to grow this year. Customers will turn away from brands at the drop of a superimposed hat if they, the user, feel their values and needs are not receiving bespoke treatment that the digital age can offer.

Firms come under increasing industry-led pressure to enhance user experience so that audiences grow and remain engaged in a consistent and positive way. Bosses can use analytics on-the-go to help maintain this effort, ensuring that staff are constantly considering how all touch points can be enhanced the customer’s relationship with a company, wherever they may be in the brand journey.

Stay dynamic to succeed

Businesses need to rely on digital and be constantly on the lookout for opportunities to evolve. The importance of this was underlined through 2016 by the proliferation of cloud computing. Cutting edge enterprise moves forward when it shifts with new technologies and assimilates them into corporate practice.

Beyond being limited to technology, digital evolution is about harnessing new tech methods with a forward-thinking culture that recognises change and experimentation as key indicators of progress.

Stay flexible and friendly

The younger generation of workers have different priorities from the workforce of yesteryear. These days, mobile technology and bandwidth proliferation afford far greater opportunities for remote working, so organisations should continue to try to accommodate millennials who see flexibility as inherent to work/life balance.

On the flipside, companies can hire the best employees from a potentially global talent pool. Expect the continued development of digital to realise great new potential for remote arrangements.

AR and VR

Once the stuff of gaming dreams, AR and VR have really come into their own in recent times, illustrated to best effect by the popularity of the Pokémon GO app which brought the technology literally into high street mainstream.

AR and VR are now fairly easy to implement and can offer great new ways to reach out to and connect with customers old and new. Gamification can offer unique and popular means to interact, and this should integrate further with corporate strategy as we move towards the third decade.

Digital Driven by the Internet of Things

Building on the power of big data, IoT will be able to mine so much more of what is on consumers’ minds, offering corporates reach and insight like never before. More than a trend, the lifestyle of IoT is improving our lives across the board, from how we structure our enterprises to the way in which we like to travel and live in our towns and cities.

As of 2030, it is predicted that over 200 billion ‘things’ will be online, leaving little doubt as to the disruption IoT will bring to business in the coming year and beyond.

Digital transformation is already taking place; no longer something that companies can ignore or swerve around, technology and the culture changes in the modern world need to be embraced by bosses at a fundamental level. The more agile and adaptable firms can be, the better their chances of thriving.




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