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Secure Business Future with IT Asset Management (ITAM)

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Businesses can acquire IT infrastructural essentials easily enough, but this is just the first stage in the complex and ongoing process of IT asset management.

When optimised, a sound IT asset management system will be able to give users a report on all soft- and hardware elements within an organisation, including inventory status, financial data and contractual details.

While automation can take some of the sting out of the data gathering process, robust management is crucial if firms are to operate confidently and legally.

Below we examine in more detail why companies need to devote full attention to solid IT asset management.

Financial stability

When software and hardware statuses are detailed into a comprehensive inventory, bosses can obtain a bird’s eye view of asset deployment quickly and easily.

In this environment, proactive management becomes simpler, enabling key personnel to identify money-saving opportunities and reorganise purchasing so that licence-use is made more efficient.

Stay compliant

Penalties can be issued for irregularities that appear in IT audits, and these can have a considerable impact on a firm’s financial health.

Asset management software takes painstaking compliance observances off the shoulders of IT administrators and managers, and will take care of essential tasks such as renewal data tracking and permissions.

Streamlined processes

Companies are often guilty of mismanaging IT assets which can lead to costly ineffective energy use and an unnecessarily large carbon footprint which makes them unpopular with customers and accountants alike.

Strong IT asset management can enable firms to keep an eye on how staff use software and hardware, so that standard procedures are carried out in a way that’s friendly not only to the environment but also to the bottom line.

Digital health

Electronic devices and the programmes that power them are two enormous channels through which the security of any firm can be compromised to devastating effect. Well-structured IT asset management goes beyond compliance checks to ensure the integrity of all access and permissions registered within your organisation’s computer domains.

Most importantly, IT asset management guarantees that only those with authorisation can access enterprise networks.

Preparation from the ground up

Staying on top of IT inventories has never been an easy job, but with digital transformation, more devices, more software and more data mean management diligence is set to become increasingly crucial and complex.

Partnering with leading IT services provider, Dell EMC, can bring a continually optimised ITAM solution that balances functionality with cost-intelligence.

Covering essentials including ownership mapping, risk removal, tech upgrades and storage migration, a bespoke asset management package will empower your firm to hold a key advantage over the competition.




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