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Prepare to Embrace these Technologies of Digital Enterprise

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It is now a case of sink or swim: lone-wolf entrepreneurs, SMEs and multi-nationals alike need to prepare for the rising tide of digital transformation.

For some organisations, the transition is easy and instinctive, for others, keeping up with the super-fast demands of an always-on world has struck a death knell.

Business leaders need to be aware of what’s going on, and knowledge must start with an understanding of the changes digital technology will bring to the global enterprise ecosystem.

Below we look in more depth at some of these key changes.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

When all you want is a person to talk with to help resolve a problem, the last thing you want to hear is the voice of a robot giving staccato instructions about which button to choose for options that don’t really correspond to the issues you’re facing.

Step up chatbot, a landmark development in digital enterprise that’s revolutionising standards in customer services. Driven by AI, chatbots can now deal effectively with a myriad of customer complaints, and will only draw a manager into the equation for questions that require discretionary or creative responses.

Brands’ relationships with consumers are improving thanks to chatbots and other e-advisers, which in turn is helping to push up customer confidence in digital technology.

Smart service

The instant gratification perpetuated by modern business means that people are beginning to perceive immediate as industry norms for delivery speed. Social media puts the culture in sharpest focus, as users are able to publicise their responses to a product and enter into a live public discussion with a company to get an issue sorted out.

Firms have to be agile and responsive to deal with this kind of exposure; the effectiveness of a brand’s on-demand, customisable solutions will depend on the extent to which a company has embraced digital transformation.

On the corporate side of the fence, the same culture is visible in the pay-as-you-use nature of IT deployment, whereby computer systems can be acquired through globally-reputable providers. Firms can now securely adapt their requirements and business models to shifting market terrains.

Data driven

A consequence of the on-demand culture is that the data harvesting has now become big and constant. Whether good or bad, it’s happening and the companies getting ahead are those that are capable of using data to streamline their processes and make faster, smarter decisions.

Leading IT experts offer bespoke storage solutions that marry capacity with resilience and top-level security, enabling corporates to transform data centres with cutting edge architectures that optimise performance to deliver better business outcomes. These storage solutions afford inherent scalability, enabling organisations to store, manage and protect all facets of their digital presence.

Internet of Things

On the edge of data retrieval sits the Internet of Things, a network of all things smart whose growth has been enabled by a fall in the cost of sensor technology and visionary improvement in how it can be integrated into everyday items.

In an urban context, infrastructural components such lampposts, street signs and waste bins can be installed with technology that reacts with internal and external state changes. Dynamics such as footfall, traffic weight and refuse levels can be monitored, with devices then able to alert central computers that can recommend an appropriate action.

Such technologies will be able to drive new levels of environmental understanding to open new market opportunities, while powering insight and service to new levels.

Intelligent preparation for a smarter future

As enterprise hurtles towards digital horizons, businesses with any aspiration to stay ahead of the competition need to adapt to an environment defined by accuracy and insight at high speed.

When consulting with leading cloud infrastructure providers, leaders can optimise in-house computer resources to unite applications and networks to end users, creating a workplace that can meet all digital challenges with equally dynamic responses.




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