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Maximise Business Resilience with Data Backup

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Whether due to hardware or software failure, or physical disaster, no business is immune to the malfunctions that can bring about extended downtime.

A solid backup and disaster recovery plan should, therefore, underpin all IT-related facets of every organisation, and the more time and effort a business can dedicate towards these vital lifelines, the better operations will cope should the worst happen.

Below, we explore ways this essential aspect of modern business can be supported to optimise the resilience of your organisation.

Implement proper training

Ensure that systems already in place are regularly tested throughout the company’s departments so that all personnel involved are confident in DR procedures when they are called upon. Disaster recovery specialists will play a key role in getting your training up and running.

Anticipate downtime

It may sound pessimistic, but planning for the worst is the pathway to best survival in the face of downtime, particularly in the case of cyber attacks. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) providers can grant firms the protection they need.

Reputable providers, such as Dell EMC, offer user-friendly, automated disaster recovery solutions that simplify the data recovery process using cloud technology, for immediate and robust restoration of business operations.

Using DRaaS, businesses can ride out disaster recovery and bring critical systems back online in the shortest time possible, and may avoid any negative repercussions on operations.

Monitor spending

Typically, most organisations will not be able to present a flawless backup and disaster recovery strategy, despite having a range of tools and capabilities.

Architectures usually slip because they are too expensive to constantly maintain and optimise. Exercise pragmatism when judging how your solutions will integrate with business operations; if limitations exist then articulate these to any prospective vendors who will be able to advise you on the best protection solution for your situation and requirements.

Downtime strategy

If disaster strikes and critical communications fail for any amount of time, business continuity can be significantly disrupted.

A clearly communicated and practised action plan rolled out to all employees will go a long way towards staying in touch should the worst happen, both internally and with customers or staff who may be off-site or working remotely.

Retain records of personal mobile phone and landline numbers, together with home addresses will enable resources to be made available to relevant employees when and where needed.

A secure future

Through technologies such as Dell EMC Recoverpoint, companies can access sustained data protection for full operational and disaster recovery, bringing vital element of resilience to operations.




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