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Management Software Solutions for the Coming Year

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Data management has traditionally been regarded as a niche occupation, the concern of a minority of businesses.

That’s no longer the case – today, firms that fail to embrace data management with the right software are in danger of losing their competitive edge; data management software (DMS) has now become a key aspect for organisations as they strive to optimise their information usage to improve the company’s financial complexion.

All bosses and IT administrators benefit from being able to interact with their information in a dextrous and straightforward way. This is important for any number of daily and long-term goals, from gaining insight into what customers really want from a service, to analysing big data patterns that will inform marketing strategies for the coming year.

Data integrity

Data management software leverages data enhancement, which refers to the correcting or removing of poor quality data from databases and mailing files.

For the great number of organisations whose databases feature incorrectly filled out or expired entries, data enhancement can grant increased accuracy and completeness so that data integrity remains constantly optimised from top to bottom.

Data enhancement can bestow crucial business and consumer attributes, and classifications that can be attached to customer files at multiple address levels for future analysis, modelling and data selection issues. By enhancing data, managers can get much closer to the real details to segment information and earmark data chunks for future marketing campaigns and business strategy development.

Forensic insight

The best data management tools give advanced root cause and business impact analysis, allowing database administrators to improve application and infrastructure availability.

The can be achieved as software is able to minimise the time it takes to identify, prioritise and solve problems, which in turn enables managers to get the right people for the job, in place in the quickest time possible.

Flash technology for data management

Flash enables businesses to explore their data to discover new market opportunities, develop products and services at speed and to maximise process efficiencies. The technology now provides far greater capacity than a disk with a far smaller data centre footprint.

Data management is now a key element of flash vendors’ value offering, with market leaders such as Dell EMC’s All-Flash storage allowing huge consolidation while keeping response times consistent and executed at sub-millisecond speeds. As a result, IT administrator benefit from a scale-out architecture, rich data services and integrated copy data management.

Market-leading tools can now hold up to six times more data than disk storage and consolidate multiple Tier 1 workloads on one platform, bringing down costs by as much as 80 per cent. Data management is taken care of through unlimited in-memory copies, real-time analytics, on-demand dev/testing and total infrastructure consolidation.

In practice, such capabilities might allow an insurance company to manage production and pre-production storage in a way that optimises performance while meeting compliance targets. A top professional sports team might employ the management software to take care of data from front office systems, incorporating sales, customer relationship management, and financial intelligence to help create a 24/7 fan engagement experience.

In safe hands

With disk storage systems becoming a thing of the past, all-flash storage technology is providing high-performance storage solutions that maximise availability and durability, creating an environment geared to optimised data management.

The evolution of the business landscape in our technological era brings with it new challenges. Network management tools provide dynamic, creative solutions to these problems so that IT professionals can continue to deliver in an increasingly demanding workplace.




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