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Looking to the Business Horizon for Future Technology

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Technology is at the heart of business evolution with its steady beat pumping life to every area of enterprise.

In a corporate world characterised by change, the appearance of new technologies is the one constant we can all count on, as the global community drives to simplify, streamline and enhance how business is done.

Below we look at four key ways in which developing technology will continue to alter the complexion of the professional workspace.

AI and computer cognition

If aspirational and conceptually impressive, past iterations of AI-reliant technologies haven’t quite hit the mark, but expect this to change. Remember Google Glass? Its developers’ dreams were shattered because early users couldn’t work out what purpose the device served, while public opinion found the idea of wearers being able to secretly film in public understandably creepy.

Google Lens is a step forward from Glass, embedding photo recognition software into smartphones to offer consumers a more transparent way to harness the intuitive, real-time analysis of its head-mounted predecessor.

In a business capacity the technology looks set to further streamline collaboration; communication and understanding will become more precise, while analysis and testing environments will become more efficient.

Already changing how business leaders work, Dell EMC’s ‘Hello Alice’ is the first AI-based virtual advisor for women entrepreneurs. Connecting female founders in “real time with mentors, resources and events” to help scale business, the technology also opens up extensive resources and networks to help users perform countless tasks quicker and more intelligently.

Data specialist shortage

Through 2018, expect big data to continue on its upwardly spiralling trajectory as an invaluable resource used to drive business intelligence.

Analytics personnel are expected to become increasingly cherished as this boom increases, as bosses seek to glean more actionable insight to determine development pathways for various operations. New roles are likely to emerge to accommodate a changing IT workforce working under rising pressures.

Reliance on externally-hosted computer services will grow in response to leaders searching for cost-effective, bespoke IT solutions. These will include the provision of data scientists to facilitate the digital transformation companies need to deal proactively with the info-heavy new age.

Bot army

Strengthening customer service offerings and marketing dialogues, companies will continue to embrace bot culture to get even closer to consumers.

2018 will see the technology percolate through the majority of brands that rely on automated responses to speed up FAQ processes upon which support teams are built. This frees up individual staff members to address more complex questions that demand human discretion or creativity.

Facebook messenger, Apple iMessage and Slack are among the pioneering SMS platforms to have benefited from the connection enhancing properties of bot technology. Marketing teams that lean back on bots stand to discover more innovative and personable ways of connecting with consumers that will bring a cutting edge over the competition and give a real ROI boost.

Business resourcing

As we move towards 2020, fine tuning in cloud-technology offerings twinned with increasing reluctance among bosses to make heavy financial outlays for in-house IT infrastructures will see our outsourcing culture grow.

Reliance on IT service providers stands to address a myriad of business deployment concerns, from storage and processing capabilities to hardware optimisation, accessibility and data protection.

Business models are likely to continue to evolve as leaders move away from traditional infrastructural systems, in favour of tailored, pay-per-use IT arrangements that are far more financially attractive.

A dynamic future in business

The tools and technologies being used to improve how we do business are developing at unprecedented rates, and in such a tech-first culture, leaders could not be blamed for feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to embracing innovation to boost business.

When partnering with a leading IT authority such as Dell EMC, bosses can consult on a whole range of business solutions that are designed specifically to meet IT tech challenges head on and enable firms to respond in a dynamic way for future growth.




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