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A look back on digital usage trends

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Throughout the US, 2015 saw a growth rate of three per cent in internet use from computers, smart phones and tablets, finds research from IAB. But, drill down and the data gets more interesting.

In 2015, 86 per cent of time on the internet using mobile devices was spent on apps, versus just 14 per cent on the web. As for smart phones versus tablets, the breakdown was overwhelmingly in favour of smart phones –  83 versus 17 per cent.

But 2015 also saw traffic become more focused on a smaller number of websites, with the visitors to the top 10 mobile sites seeing double digit growth.

Another report, this time from comScore found that of total digital time, 65 per cent was spent on a mobile device, up 12 percentage points from the year before.  47 per cent of digital time was spent on a smartphone app, and 39 per cent of digital time was spent on a desktop.

Top sites were Google, followed by Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon sites, Microsoft sites, AOL Comcast, CBS interactives, Node Media, and Apple Inc.

Looking at video, and returning to the IAB report: “Google has more than twice as many monthly video streamers (180 million)”, as the second most popular, Facebook (88 million) or Yahoo, in third place with 70 million.

For streaming video, Google sites were number one, with 59,887 million minutes a month spent streaming, Netflix was number two ahead of Facebook.

But the growth seen on Netflix has been meteoric, in just six months it went from not even showing up on the AB chart, to 18 million minutes a month plus.

The trend is clear, but maybe not surprising.

Digital usage is shifting to mobile, and it is shifting to video.

Turning to digital usage via the Cloud, the US government has become a late covert to the cause of the Cloud.  The evidence is more anecdotal than factual, but as an article on Fortune stated: “Trends have come together to create a cloud boom in government, where it seems that the gatekeepers who used to worry about losing control of their infrastructure have given up the ghost and are moving on faster than their colleagues in private industry.” It quoted Justin Langseth, chief executive of Zoomdata as saying: “It’s like the government has accelerated beyond what enterprises are doing.”

Looking at the UK, and focusing on business use, Cloud usage has shot up, rising from 48 per cent of people questioned by the Cloud Industry Forum, saying their company has a hosted or Cloud based service, to 84 per cent by 2015.

According to the UK’s Office of National Statistics, 87.9 per cent of UK adults had used the internet during the three months to May 2016, this compared with 86.2 per cent in the same period a year earlier. 10.2 per cent of adults had never used the internet.

Looking at the breakdown by age, 99.2 per cent of people aged 16 to 24 had used the internet, but usage by women over 75 had risen by 169 per cent from 2011, although recent usage among this demographic was still only 32.6 per cent.

25 per cent of disabled adults had never used the internet, compared to 27.4 per cent in the same period a year ago.




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