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Introducing Tech Page One

Tech Page One

Dell is a household name. We are a computer maker and technology powerhouse that reaches across the globe and back again, but we’re not just interested in giving you state-of-the-art technology: we’re interested in you.

We want to help you be the best you can be.

That is why we have created Tech Page One, an online resource for tech-savvy individuals and professionals alike to dip into the world of IT and discover what’s current in today’s digital world.

Tech Page One offers a rich index of content detailing everything you need, from business insights to trends in technology – and everything in between; all put together by the Dell editorial team.

We are dedicated to delivering the best and most consistent content to help inspire our current and future customers to solve their business problems via one medium. You can find anything, from answers to your IT problems through to ideas about making your enterprise future ready.

We have built Tech Page One to meet your needs.

About Tech Page One

Since launching in 2012, Tech Page One has been delivering fresh content and rich resources of knowledge and we will continue to do so, as we know how important it is to stay on top of the fast-paced world of technology. Here are some of the key areas you’ll find featured here:

Technology – find out how you can improve your IT infrastructure. You’ll find dedicated features on cloud computing, data centres, various storage solutions and much more. You can also check the latest news on IT security so that you can stay ahead and keep your data safe. Find inspiration by reading up on how people are implementing new IT systems and what the next big leap in technology is.

Business – read current information on all aspects of technology business and the workplace – from management to productivity, you can find out how to improve your existing systems. Read statistics and advice and pick up tips on how to further your success.

Future ready trends and insights – here we’ve organised resources and posts on one of the most important aspects of technology – keeping up with it. We understand how fast-paced the evolution of technology is, so we’ve made it easy for you to know current and future trends and the direction that technology is taking.

These are just a few of the many areas that we cover to give you the full scope technological developments worldwide. We are always working to provide information on a huge range of topics so that you’ll be prepared for anything.

Browse the site if you want to be inspired and learn about all things related to tech!

Get involved in the conversation by contacting us on Twitter via @DellUK, like us on Facebook or join our LinkedIn group.


I-Wen Chiu Maginot

I-Wen Chiu Maginot

I-Wen is Dell UK digital marketing lead, responsible for end to end digital marketing strategy across paid, owned, earned media. She has been with Dell for 8 years in various marketing roles including Business Planning, Online Merchandising, Project Management and Channel Business Development.

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