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Intel Unite: The new tool for collaboration and conference meetings

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Meetings, both scheduled and impromptu, have been a key growth-enabler to the global stature of Intel.

So it’s hardly surprising that a software giant which prides itself on driving innovation, should be at pole position when it comes to meeting environments that prioritise efficiency, connectivity and productivity.

However supple experts have tried to make these environments in recent years, efficiencies have been fractured by a reliance on hardwire cabling and the sheer number of configurations and cable connection options, among countless other obstacles.

Under the pressure to synchronise all meeting participants with seamless data streams, delays have come through audio or visual breakdowns and the time it takes for them to be fixed. Conversations dwindle as a result, limiting users’ levels of participation and contribution.

While heralded as a domain in which executives can soar, these natural problems in the virtual meeting space mean even the most prepared leaders have been hamstrung to some degree when carrying out the conferences that are crucial to business success.

Intel Unite solution

Unite, Intel’s response to this problem, is an open platform offering safe, secure meeting environments designed to support collaboration and conference meetings.

The base-line benefit is that users can connect, wherever they may be in the world, to a virtual boardroom where resources can be shared and displayed simultaneously.

Maximum collaboration, minimum fuss

Through an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based mini PC in the meeting space’s ‘host PC’, a connection can be made to any tablet or Windows computer through the Intel Unite application on client devices.

The platform works with off-the-shelf PC peripherals and accommodates new features and capabilities without the need to replace hardware. Users can come together for presentations and collaboration that can draw seamlessly on interactive white boards, projectors and existing displays.

IT specialists can track usage using a telemetry plug-in to survey how long meeting spaces are used and the technology being employed in those meetings; just one among an array of features and capabilities that enable remote IT support, so that meetings are kept fully operational at all times.

The wireless aspect is one of the ways in which Intel’s Unite solution promises to boost employee productivity and cooperative working, as it directly cuts out time-spend and confusion created by the use of so many dongles, adapters, cables and extra displays.

Secure the perimeter

Security is a top concern which Intel meets on a number of levels. A PIN code ensures that only those invited to the meeting can gain access, while a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption brings enterprise-grade security, so the corporate network remains protected.

These safe connections also enable workers to have peace of mind, knowing they can share and edit content in real time, whether they’re in the London office or on operating on the other side of the globe.


Today’s business workspace needs dynamic, operational conference rooms that enable participants from all corners of the globe to interact as though they were sitting side by side.

Facilitating collaboration through modern, connected and secure meeting spaces, Intel Unite appears to offer a real solution for executives wanting to maximise the productivity of their teams wherever individual members may be.




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