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Industrial PCs Chisel the Rock Face of Business

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Many industrial and commercial environments can present harsh working conditions which demand equally tough computing power and processes.

From manufacturing-intense surroundings to warehouses and research laboratories, workplaces of a more extreme nature benefit when operated by computer systems that deliver varying degrees of industrialisation to enhance performance.

At the same time, business leaders need to know that their PCs can remain resilient and secure while balancing heavy-weight application optimisation.

Below, we go into more detail as to why only industrial PCs are able to give you the results you need in business’s most unforgiving surroundings.

Optimised performance quality

Rugged computers enable teams to improve decision-making processes, build efficiencies across procedures and push the boundary when it comes to product quality. These attributes are essential when considering a typical harsh environment, such as a factory floor, which can often lack the advanced technology necessary to overcome slumps in the chain of operations.

Enterprise productivity

Many industrially-natured firms can struggle to meet productivity demands, when existing hardware structures fail to keep up with technological advances.

Industrial computers are engineered with Ethernet technology which helps to unify disparate departments and tessellate business applications. Also providing multiple systems solutions, Industrial Ethernet can be used to construct distributed networks with copper or fibre optic media; production and productivity stand to be enhanced as a result.

Systemic integrity through automation

Industrial-grade computer hardware is a fast track to more accurate data being processed at faster rates, to give cutting-edge insight in real time. Integrated automation provides a healthy procedure base-layer for increased production volumes and profitability.

As more system mechanics depend on automated machinery, not only is human error taken out of the equation, but fewer employees are needed to complete tasks. Teams can streamline as a result, bringing costs and safety observations down, which leads to a healthier financial report.

Maximised uptime

If time is money, then data takes the maxim to the Nth degree in our modern age. Today, analysis speeds and response times can win or lose valuable custom to the detriment or benefit of a firm’s competitive grip on the marketplace. In such an info-addicted environment, uptime is of fundamental importance.

Only industrial-grade computers can give bosses the confidence they need of optimised efficiency and performance in the most testing of surroundings; models such as the Embedded Box 3000 from Dell EMC are constructed to fit into constricted spaces, designed to MIL-STD810G and can run comfortably from 0-50 degrees Celsius.

A buttress for business

If your firm operates in a hazardous environment in which critical applications uptime and maximum resilience are essential, then industrial PCs are for you.

With a global IT leader such as Dell EMC on your team, you can tap into Dell OEM solutions to get all the technology you need to meet business requirements head on in any environment.




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