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Five Remote Access Tools

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Beyond being fundamental for remote working, remote access enables workers to collaborate, share files quickly and safely, and opens networks to any number of third party devices.

Software systems can also be managed remotely, vastly bringing down costs and increasing efficiency. But these benefits can only be fully felt with the correct remote-access software in place, many of which are freely available on the web. Read on to find out some of the most popular:


The LogMeIn multiplatform holds an array of features, including 1TB of storage, password manager, multiple monitor support, SSL/TLS security and event log and a password manager.

LogMeIn’s on-demand Pro version offers collaboration solutions and access tools. A more general-use package, it boasts huge storage, application access, remote access, remote printing and monitor support, and starts at $149 per year.

Also with 1TB of storage, LogMeIn’s Rescue version, is more suited to helping parties outside your company; it offers quick-connection technologies to help with remote support.


Another multiplatform support service, TeamViewer works with firewalls and can suit aging operating systems. While no configuration on the client side is available, it comes in 30 languages and offers 256-bit encryption with two-way file sharing.

With ninety per cent of Fortune 500 firms relying on TeamViewer products for meetings, customer support and remote access, TeamViewer is a clear corporate favourite and can support up to 20 million devices at once.

Three products are offered through this remote PC service: remote support, remote access and meeting. It boasts decent connect times, small lag times and sound connectivity even through iPads. Two-way file-sharing is simple and the software can switch host and client, which is helpful in IT circumstances.

Among the platform’s many features is the ability to connect without a VPN (virtual private network), and it can work around firewalls. On a larger scale, TeamViewer can hold mass deployments, policies and security protocols.

Team Viewer can carry out maintenance tasks on a number of end points and supports collaboration through chat, whiteboard, remote audio, VOiP and session recording. Usefully, it suits most work environments and can work with Linux support.

Its security is bolstered by 256-bit encryption, dual strata authentication, Verisign code signing and session passwords. Personal versions come free of charge, while licences cost $809 per year.

Chrome remote desktop

Supporting Windows and OS X – and, to an extent, Linux – Chrome Remote Desktop is free for commercial and personal use. Working through a Chrome app that installs on the desktop, it allows you to connect to any other computer, so long as you are logged into Chrome.

It is straightforward and simple to set up, and runs at good speed in your browser. While not overburdened by additional features, the platform enables quick-fire inter-platform operations and allows remote access on some files.

However, Chrome Remote Desktop does not have mobile apps, nor is it supported as of yet. It can run into difficulty with multiple displays and it doesn’t really stray into the territory of features such as wake-on-LAN, streaming, file transfer and other support tools.

This remote access tool is definitely all about usability and speed as opposed to offering multiplatform muscle.


A member of the “GoTo” Citrix product family, this multiplatform support service offers round-the-clock technical assistance and is available in economy and premium versions. It hosts two-way file transfer, multiscreen support and enables rapid file transfer.

The linked version above is more geared towards remote working than customer support, but other GoTo products can help to fill any gaps in remote assistance and live collaboration.

Created for ease-of-use and suited to work for remote workers or commuters from any device, GoToMyPC supports multiple monitors and is bolstered by 128-bit AES encryption.


Not all remote access tools and products purposely seek to address IT or person-support issues, but ScreenConnect goes the extra mile, offering management solutions for your business computers.

It also provides customer support and assists remote working, with a number of features designed to support remote installs, session notes and multiple invitation options. However, these attractions lose an element of their lustre due to the potential for slower file transfer and connect times.

Offering 256-bit encryption, the platform enables unattended access, online meeting support and can remotely uninstall on the client side.




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