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Enterprise Mobility Management the Fast-track to Real Progress

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Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is core to the strident response which businesses must bring to the demands of digital transformation.

In the modern era, business data security, staff productivity and team innovation each play a key role in pushing growth; EMM puts an umbrella over these facets and much more, creating an intelligent and transparent climate in which business solutions can flourish.

Below, we break down some of the key benefits of EMM and how they empower firms to achieve more in the short- and long-term.

Motivation, empowerment and productivity

Whether employees bring their own device into the workplace or rely on firms’ provisioning of hardware, the mobility this grants is a mutually beneficial dynamic which nourishes all facets of the forwardly aspirational organisation.

Enterprise mobility management has become the glue securing this very effective culture in place; a cohesion that makes team suppler when it comes to tackling business challenges as they arise.  Security is the focus-word here – the confidence to innovate with electronic dexterity in real time stems directly from EMM solutions available from global IT experts.

Rapid-fire data & the mobile hot-desk

A solid enterprise mobility management strategy supports device swap-and-share, whereby staff can switch consoles seamlessly to collaborate on projects, or tap into demonstrations to aid customer service.

With such lucid knowledge- and resource-transfer, working practices flow better and customer experience stands to be remarkably enhanced. Subsequently, more accurate data harvests enable more precise action and real-time responses, strengthening the productivity arc in the long-term.

Optimised efficiencies and improved bottom line

Ready-made knowledge is a major benefit of bring your own device (BYOD) and related cultures that EMM underpins. In instances whereby employees new and current are introduced to new procedures or software, required training costs and logistics are minimised if the person being taught is already familiar with how their device operates.

In addition to this decisive advantage, BYOD users’ intimate knowledge of the workings of their own systems lends itself to bug identification and reporting, enabling processes to be fine-tuned.

Cyber protection and corporate data integrity

Effective EMM can be used to mobilise and reinforce IT security awareness courses, enhancing employees’ appreciation and behaviours regarding computer diligence.

If staff find ways to get through cyber-walls and system guide-throughs, then EMM monitors can integrate management measures to tie up loopholes and ensure proper practice is adhered to at all times, without compromising the smooth running of applications.

Better management, optimised efficiency

It does not take very long for a newly-implemented enterprise mobility management strategy to start affecting tangible improvements, most notably in the form of improved efficiency. But it also works to sustain business in subtler, climactic ways that take time to bear fruit; smarter businesses have happier employees, healthier cultures and grow strong on the knock-on positives these factors produce.

To harness the full power of enterprise mobility management, speak with Dell EMC and discover how new IT solutions can dovetail with your existing computer infrastructures to invigorate mobility – both human and electronic – in a safe and secure way.





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