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Emerging Technology to Accelerate Enterprise

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One of the most exciting aspects of business today is that there’s always likely to be something disruptive around the corner.

Looking forwards to 2018, we can expect to see any number of new trends, techniques and trickery filter down through the corporate ranks to shake up the status quo.

Below we gaze into the crystal ball of business to see what’s in store and to reflect on how working habits may change as a result.

Digital transformation will gain momentum

No business can ignore the ever-strengthening current towards a more digitised economy; it’s a pull felt by every stratum of daily life, from IT and HR and internal operations to how companies reach out to clients and customers.

Digital transformation is to be embraced because it helps businesses to address employee needs in a far more personable and individual way, promoting cultures such as remote working which help improve life/work balances.

For consumers, digital cultivates truly bespoke products, services and experiences that drive value. Bosses are therefore advised to reach out to leading IT service providers to seek solutions that can invigorate their organisations and help them meet digital transformation in the most cost-effective way possible.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Integral to digital transformation, the Internet of Things is set to connect up to 20.4 billion devices by 2020, a jump of 31 per cent from 2016’s figure. As cyber security measures push forwards in line with an increase in the number of user endpoints, expect firms to turn more towards global IT experts for computing infrastructural solutions to optimise digital health.

Big data will continue to surge as IoT grows, and this will put more pressure on firms to create new roles that specialise in dealing with advanced analytics to produce actionable insight. Expect algorithms to evolve, but human innovation will always play a key part in guiding complex data streams through a business ecosystem that is both quantitative and qualitative.

Cloud-driven ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become a fundamental component of the modern business workspace, helping to align procedure across multiple departments such as HR, innovation, finance, accounting and IT.

ERP’s potential to organise and order insight is magnified when firms step beyond local setups to source a cloud-based solution. Outsourcing ERP can offer a cost-effective way to maximise uptime in the short term and scale efficiently in the long term. Handing your data centre over to experts will ensure that all your data is handled, stored and processed in the safest way possible.

On-demand economy

Moving forward, expect the Uber-style ‘on demand’ economy to grow so that companies and marketing teams become valued on the reputation they leverage and the value they provide.

This dynamic will be powered by instant feedback capabilities that customers wield as they match the product or service they have been given to their expectations. In the environment of the immediate, attributes such as speed of delivery, transparency and personalised discretion will form the currency of success.

Automation will play a key role in tomorrow’s business world. Behold, ‘smart cities’ shall rise wherein citizens are able to tap into digital technologies to maximise efficiency in daily life. Big data will again be foundational to the digitally enlightened conurbation, with consumer intelligence being channelled through an increasing number of touch points, from visitor centres, camera surveillance, supermarkets and public transport.

A smarter future

While it’s always dangerous to make concrete predictions about the turbulent nature of technology, the issues touched upon above comprise growing trends that show no signs of slowing down, and to which shrewd business owners will be paying a great deal of attention.

If precise directions, numbers and names can’t be nailed down, companies that partner with leading computer specialists can put their IT infrastructures through an overhaul that will guarantee enviable scalability and agility, no matter what the future holds.

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