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How the data centre can bring down the cost of doing business

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As organisation’s transfer networks from individual, premises-based servers to an online network, many businesses are discovering the benefits of using a data centre.

Many firms have not had their eyes opened to how cost-effective and resilient data centres are, but that’s just the tip of the ice burg. Below are some key advantages that should help on-the-fence bosses make the jump towards the outsourced solution.

Optimise expenditure

Moving data storage into the hands of a collocation service brings down costs in-house, enabling financial resources to be redirected into IT departments, or throughout the wider company.

Left on-site, server rooms are very expensive, not least because a team is needed around the clock to reboot systems or fix the air-con should malfunctions arise. All the cost and responsibility of maintaining the data centre and its network services are shouldered by the colocation company.

With the data centre provider responsible for maintenance costs, IT bosses can enjoy both cost savings and a cutting edge infrastructure.

Firms considering the in-house have to think about where run power is coming from, as well as the contingency measures required in the event of an outage. Diverse cooling systems with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) support, power and battery monitoring and 100 per cent uptime are other issues that require a solution.

Easy, secure connection

Frequently, firms with on-site servers can hit connectivity issues associated with not having access to a fast, uncontested and highly resilient internet connection. These issues get blown clean out of the water with data centres, which connected businesses globally in the fastest and most secure way possible.

More resilient networking bringing as much as 100mbps of bandwidth can still be financially viable, far more so than delivering the same capacity to create a redundant solution to a firm’s office. Data centres are hooked up to a number of transit providers and have large bandwidth connections enabling businesses to receive a better service experience for less.

Crucially, an outsourced option will bring high level security with ISO 27001 certified processes, resident security teams and infrastructural support. Financial firms in particular will see the value in this level of safety so that private information can be stored in compliance with security standards.

Vast, auditable storage

Most organisations will have vast data reserves that need storage. It’s a requirement that can be handled with flexibility and security by data centres, which also replicate records for a further safety net.

If businesses turn to cloud solutions, they won’t find fully auditable systems and may have less control over their network infrastructure, whereas a data centre will offer these services and at lower cost.

The eco-friendly option

Data centres really help businesses to trim their carbon waistlines. Shifting servers away from individual premises enables firms to reduce their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, collocation services have the resources, time and impetus to invest in research into greener technologies.

A timely solution

In the digital era, no firm can hide from the very real and measurable benefits that come with having a reliable data centre underpinning data storage.

Ultimately, the right data centre solution promises to simplify IT, bringing agility and scalability that will enable firms to realise long-term goals.

Managers in large companies with extensive financial resources and SMEs alike should start by analysing the figures involved so that the debate about a new way of storing data gets off on the right foot.




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