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Business Teamwork Shines with Chromebook

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Chromebook first hit the market in 2011 as a cloud-reliant laptop solution. With the Linux-based Chromebook OS in its corner, early models were portable and sought to embody the spirit of an always-online generation.

With justification, critics were quick to point out that Chromebook’s value couldn’t compare with fully featured laptops running on Windows software, making them of little use to serious users. But technology’s planets have realigned.

Over the last six years, Chromebook’s power and performance have evolved considerably. The cloud as a standard storage and infrastructural choice, together with the remote working culture it nourishes have optimised Chromebook’s relevance, enabling it to sit pretty in today’s fast-paced, streamlined work environment. Today, this iconic champion of the lower weight divisions is rapidly gaining notoriety as a big hitter in business circles.

Below, we take a closer look at how the device helps corporate teams to punch above their weight.

Mobility and agility

The speed and convenience of the Chromebook is embodied in its slick start-up, which takes the same time as opening the laptop’s lid. Hey presto, you’re online and into your highly compatible Chrome browser to check emails, update documents and push work forwards.

It’s not just the small stuff either – high quality video conferencing capabilities are indicative of how Chromebook has become a fast and reliable means of connecting with bosses, staff workers, clients and customers.

Throw the device’s inherent light-weight stature and Chromebook jumps out as a first-class sidekick for all your remote working needs.

App, app and away

Google Chrome’s proud position as number 1 in web browsers is largely thanks to the efficient, intuitive experience it provides business users.

Able to run on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, Chrome gives easy access to bookmarks, history and open tabs through any device, and a huge selection of versatile and complex business applications.

Companies are increasingly turning to Google Apps because of ease of integration across a multitude of devices, integration of which is optimised through the Chromebook.

Down to earth & secure

Simplicity at its heart, Chromebook is user-friendly and built for speed on the go, whether that’s booting the machine up, loading pages or running more complicated enterprise applications.

As the system is a web-browser, its specialist streamlined hard drive means users cannot download and run programmes in the traditional sense, which makes Chromebook far more resilient to nefarious online attacks. Running straight from Google, security is continually optimised thanks to automatic updates and built in encryption.

The device’s always-online nature means work docs are continually backed up; hitting ‘save’ becomes memory of quaint computing times gone by. Users can still work in most applications and save offline, but backups to the cloud occur as soon as Chromebook finds a connection.

Reliable performance

Built on Linux, Chrome’s OS has towering levels of reliability and resilience which are far less likely to be compromised because users do not install standard applications which could render the system vulnerable to malware.

Chromebooks do what they say on their stylish casing; they require zero usage training and optimise work tasks with negligible downtime, while rendering obsolete the need to spend on anti-virus software.

A next-generation laptop

Chromebook’s present relevance makes early iterations seem prophetic, yet it’s still a system for the future as much as for today. It is simply ideal for getting daily business done, quickly and easily, and comes at a significantly lower price than standard laptops.

Partnering with an experienced Chromebook provider such as Dell EMC, bosses stand to gain reliable, long-lasting tools that integrate with Google Apps seamlessly to enable all business teams to work faster and more intelligently.




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