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The Benefits of Deploying a Microsoft Exchange Server

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So much business is now conducted by email, but this critical service has been given a 21st century overhaul thanks to Microsoft Exchange Server.

The software product is engineered to make emailing faster, more efficient and more reliable in a way that enables firms to add many other applications that facilitate core business processes.

Below we look at Microsoft Exchange Server in more detail, and consider four benefits it brings to business.

Enhanced security

The modern workplace needs to be able to rely on software that’s fit to drive business forwards through a digital world full of cyber threats. Microsoft Exchange Server actively works to neutralise those threats, keeping users safer from spam, viruses and hackers.

The software also provides the bedrock for email confidentiality, enabling companies to have peace of mind knowing that their system is protected at all times, and that sensitive data will not be compromised by external interference.

Exchange protects communications with continuous updating that brings multi-layered anti-spam filtering so that the latest spam and phishing threats can be avoided or dealt with safely. This protection is bolstered by multiple anti-malware engines which protect email data from viruses. Both employees and customers benefit from a rock solid email system, which can be used from anywhere in the world, whether individuals are on the road or in the office.

Optimised efficiency

Another feature that gives Microsoft Exchange Server the edge over competition is the software’s optimised problem identification which pinpoints and fixes errors in very little time. Improved monitoring means that any issues that arise can be ironed out before they have a chance to develop into problems that may disrupt business.

As a high level of critical processes within Microsoft Exchange Server have been automated, IT administrators can divert more of their attention to other areas of work.

Exchange can be further customised for efficiency through the integration of web-based apps for Office in Outlook and Outlook web app. As such, users are given a more powerful experience through an extension model that accommodates easy plugin access through rich client a web-based Outlook processes.

Intuitive collaboration

Dynamic project collaboration means users can get on pace with progress as they join up with teams, and can then share information swiftly and easily. Project management is given a similar boost through rapid-access documentation of project communications from start to finish, with all relevant information available through Outlook.

Productivity is galvanised through powerful new tools which enable teams to manage data in areas previously only meant for storage. SharePoint supports co-authoring, document storage and versioning while Exchange takes care of messaging through a complete user experience also within Outlook.

Cloud ready

Thanks to its integrated tools, Microsoft Exchange Server enables bosses to make the jump to the cloud on the company’s terms. For anything from simple onboarding processes to managing hybrid email deployment aligned with business needs, IT admins and end users alike can have a seamless experience.

Sharing calendars and scheduling equipment can be integrated to support meetings both on- and off-site and across environments. Meanwhile, the ability to test future enhancements through previewing future upgrades, ensures bosses retain cloud control.

Unlock tomorrow

Managers frequently come up against communication inefficiencies, downtime concerns and fears about data and security compliance that can make email a challenging subject.

Microsoft Exchange Server presents a timely, reliable and powerful business-class email service that keeps data secured through flawless connectivity across a range of devices. When optimised through XtremIO all-flash array, Exchange’s full agility can be leveraged for unprecedented efficiency, workforce speed and user performance – something all IT managers have been waiting too long for.




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