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Act now to combat poverty through entrepreneurship

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Did you know that entrepreneurs might just be the ones to save the world? Well, it is true and we need your help. According to the World Bank, 600 million new jobs need to be created over the next decade to employ the eligible workforce or we face having a global jobs crisis in our hands.  Today, 200 million people around the world are unemployed and the structural issues that propel the problem, income inequality, global warming, lack of education to name a few, are compounded by the projected population growth of the workforce in the next 15 years


The majority of large corporations and governments are not growing at the same rate as the population and therefore the responsibility to combat the pending job crisis falls to each one of us.  We have to employ each other.

Up to 90% of new jobs are created by entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses.  We need more people who are empowered by their societal and macro-economic environment to sustain this growth!  This means we need to train people, improve on education, infrastructure, and security.  Governments must actively work to combat corruption and they need to prioritize the benefits of having a strong, productive population in 15 years  If we don’t make the investments now in charging the entrepreneurial global eco system we are facing a poverty crisis with no precedent.

The UN has drafted a suite of 17 sustainable development goals that trace a global roadmap of prosperity to 2030.  One of these goals, Goal 8, on working with the world governments to empower and enable people in all economic climates to innovate and create jobs.  Getting the goal supported is a first step towards aligning all countries to make the choices that will allow their citizens to have access to investments, technology and with it training, talent and markets to sell their services.

Join me as we support our entrepreneurs, existing and aspiring. Please put your signatures where it counts.

It’s critical and it needs to be done now.


Elizabeth Gore

Elizabeth Gore

Elizabeth Gore is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Dell, where Gore drives initiatives that support Dell’s goals around helping small and medium businesses scale and prosper, fueling the expansion of global entrepreneurship, thereby creating jobs that will drive the world economy. Gore is extending Dell’s global advocacy efforts to raise entrepreneurship to the public policy agenda, encouraging policies and practices that support and enable entrepreneurial growth globally. Mrs. Gore also chairs the United Nations Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council and builds global partnerships that positively affect the UN’s most pressing humanitarian issues. Elizabeth Gore works with the United Nations and the Foundation to support innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Ms. Gore previously served as the first ever Entrepreneur in Residence for the UN Foundation as well as Vice President of Global Partnerships, and founded strategic grassroots efforts such as Nothing But Nets, Girl Up, and the [email protected] Ms. Gore previously, served as the director of development and corporate relations for the Points of Light Foundation. Her consulting experience includes the implementation and launch of The Great American Bake Sale, an anti-hunger initiative for Share Our Strength, ABC television and Parade magazine. Ms. Gore is a former United States Peace Corps volunteer and served in Bolivia, South America. In Bolivia, she wrote, received and managed a USAID grant to better the food availability and economic situation for the Chaco. Ms. Gore is originally from Texas where she was a financial development associate for the A&M Foundation. She holds a bachelor of science in Animal Science and a masters in Financial Development from Texas A&M University. Ms. Gore was named by People as one of the top 100 Extraordinary Women and is one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business. Ms. Gore has been featured on multiple media outlets including: ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX Business, Fast Company, Fortune, Glamour, The New York Times, People, and Time. She is a World Champion Equestrian, and joined Summit on the Summit and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for the global clean water crisis on behalf of the United Nations. Ms. Gore currently serves on the leadership councils of the Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and the annual CLASSY Awards. Mrs. Gore resides in Sonoma County with her husband James Gore, a California elected official and has two hilarious children.

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